What are the highlights of CLAPS 12.0…this year?
11 not-to-be-missed CLAPSpark Events
    Engrossing and vibrant…creative and inspiring 10 Events
    in CLAPSpark…
11 brilliant CLAPSurge workshops
    Experts and Trainers from various fields to conduct
    interactive, intensive and practical workshops on key
11 Vital CLAPSummit sessions
    The Core CLAPS Focus areas designed through activity-
    based CLAPSummits…

Added Delights…
Insightful yet fun-filled Trek-Talks and Nature-fun Tours Two Action packed Overnight leadership camps (Std V-X)(including an Overnight Mission Challenge)
Vital monthly Counseling sessionsDelightful "Parenthesis" session for Parents.
And much more…
From the unique CLAPS Prizes & Surprises

M3-Movie Maker magic
CLAPS Olympics
CLAPS Big bite
CLAPS Super Grid

What Techniques Are Used For The Learning?
The sessions are only activity based. Members learn through..

Organising Events Output Sessions Team Exercises

Group presentations Relevant Games Self Evaluation

Drama & Dance Individual openers Group Discussions

What Will My Child Gain By Joining Claps?
Higher level of confidence

Public Speaking and Communication Skills

Initiative & Leadership Skills

Ability to comfortably interact with others

Capability to work as a team

A more focused goal-centric approach

Adopt key "smart study" techniques

360 Degree personality growth

Better prepared for Life's challenges

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Who will


the sessions?

A team of
& experienced

Guest faculty







Exam toppers


Kindly download, fill and email the form to kiranatul96@gmail.com or info@livelife.in

  Reconsideration Offer: Members get first two (2) sessions in August as trial sessions (after fees are paid). If a member
wishes to discontinue after two sessions, the total fees are refunded.

Fees include charges for all sessions, travel during outings, snacks, meals during full day events, Kit, Awards, camps..
No other expenditure for the full year.

Fees for New Members: For Full One Year Programme:

 Discounted fees for members who continue the next year:
 2nd Year (Gold) pay only Rs 9,990/-3rd Year (Diamond) pay only Rs 8,990/-
 Members can continue till Std X with discounted fees.Direct Payments: HDFC Bank, Chicalim Branch. A/c No: 0374 2000 000 158
 Cheques to be drawn in favor of "Livelife"

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