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Who Is It For?
For all Adults …Bankers to Engineers, Teachers to Housewives, Managers to Employees, Marketing executives to HR professionals, Social Club members to College students…who wish to be more confident speakers and polish their communication skills.

What Is It About?
The 3 months programme with sessions once a week covers the complete spectrum of Communication skills with a focus on Public Speaking.

Clarity and confidence in communication can create a positive impact and add to self-esteem and personality development.

The course seeks to promote expertise in the vital area of verbal and non-verbal communication which is the key to success in the personal and professional arena today.

What Are The Course Topics?
Overcoming Stage Fear
TIPS- Towards Improved Public Speaking
PEGS- Posture. Eye-Contact. Gestures. Sound
Speeches for all occasions
One-to-one Communication
Communication in Meetings
BLAME-Body Language Art Made Easy
Aggressive Listening skills
Vocabulary to Pronunciation
Making an impact

How Will It Be Done?
Individual output sessions. Team presentations. Video Counselling. Experiential learning. Practical assignments

Who Will Conduct The Sessions?
A team of Communication and Public Speaking experts.

Communication skills at Emerck

CAPS Programme at ICG

Train the Trainers at Cipla

Participants of Batch V- Dec 2015

The Art of Listening for Maclellan India


Higher level of Self Esteem

Greater Confidence in communication

Ability to Speak on all occasions

Added asset in to your personality

Positive selling and negotiation skills

Ability to create an impact

Enhanced vocabulary

Rise in your popularity Index!

The joy of being a versatile Speaker

"Being able to speak confidently is an invaluable asset." - Mark Brown
Participants with Certificates at the Convocation ceremony.
Direct Payments: HDFC Bank, Chicalim Branch. A/c No: 0374 2000 000 158
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